Thursday, April 27, 2017

LPHT Drama Success with Buckshot and Blossoms!

Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity Drama Department presented Buckshot and
Blossoms, by Tim Kelly and directed by Julie Olson, on Friday, April
21 at 7pm, and Saturday,  April 22 at 7pm at Lester Prairie School.
Audiences enjoyed this fast-paced, western/melodrama and the students
enjoyed performing for them. This west was not only wild, it was
hysterically funny!
The cast for this rip-roaring comedy:
Cactus Kate … Kaylee Scheevel
Mrs. Juniper … Emilie Berry
Letty … Brooke Heimerl
Miss Gray … Sydney Sheehan
Gabby Ways … Grace Jeurissen
Alibi … Delaney Sebora
Hopalot … Trisha Nyberg
Whip Lash … Andrew Jackson
Pearl of the Pecos …Jamie DeBruyckere
Saddleblanket Rawlins … Nick Sponsel
Sally Sutton … Gerri Williamson
Minerva … Ellen Guggemos
Mrs. Norton … Hannah Hollister
Mayor Norton … Rodrigo Medina
Johnny Wright … Logan Groff
Henrietta Geyser … Erynn Amundson
Dolly Roger…Hope Feltmann
Annabelle Rawlins … Olivia Sanders
Judy Ford … Zoe Edlund
Nellie Rectangle… Paige Heimerl
The Durango Kid … Cody Roush

                                                                   Cast and Crew

 Ellen Guggemos, Andrew Jackson, Rodrigo Medina, Grace Jeurissen, Kaylee Scheevel, and Jamie DeBruyckere

Kaylee Scheevel, Brooke Heimerl, Sydney Sheehan, Emilie Berry

Andrew Jackson, Rodrigo Medina, Logan Groff, Jamie DeBruyckere, Kaylee Scheevel, and Hannah Hollister

Zoe Edlund, Olivia Sanders, Logan Groff, Andrew Jackson

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