Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Science Fair

On Thursday February 5, 2015, Lester Prairie Schools celebrated their annual Science Fair.  Students in grades 3-6 submitted projects using the Scientific Method demonstrating experiments in Chemistry, Physics, Family and Consumer Science, Medicine & Health, Engineering, Math, Plants, and Microbiology.  Volunteer judges had some difficult decisions to make because the projects were all very good.  First and Second place winners from the local Science Fair have been invited to move on and participate in the Regional Science Fair on Saturday April 25, 2015 at Minnesota State University-Mankato.  The local winners are:

3rd Grade
Chemistry                                            Hannah Wilson, 1st Place
Family/Consumer Science                   Amelia Meyer, 1st Place
Physics                                                Owen Zebell & Connor Meyer, 1st Place
                                                            Megan Tonn & Allison Knoll, 2nd Place
                                                            Josie Krieg, 3rd Place

4th Grade
Family/Consumer Science                   Brooke Albers & Karlee Trittabaugh, 1st Place
Chemistry                                            Josie Tonn, 1st Place
                                                            Lydia Guenigsman & Destiny Moorman, 2nd Place

5th Grade
Medicine/HLTH/Human Performance           Delaney Sebora, 1st Place
                                                                        Zachary Zebell & Michael Ruwersma, 2nd Place
Chemistry                                                        Layne Teubert, 1st Place
Engineering                                                     Jenna Heimerl & Noelle Blashack, 1st Place
                                                                        Tyler Otto, 2nd Place

6th Grade
Chemistry                                                        Daniel Ruelas, 1st Place
                                                                        Anna Litzau, 2nd Place
                                                                        Jayden Alsleben, 3rd Place
Family/Consumer Science                               Alexis Kubista, 1st Place
                                                                        Paige Heimerl, 2nd Place
                                                                        Sydney Sheehan, 3rd Place
Mathematics                                                    Landon Groff, 1st Place
Medicine/HLTH/Human Performance           Maddie Stuedemann, 1st Place
                                                                        Anya Teubert, 2nd Place
                                                                        Kelli Kegler, 3rd Place
Physics                                                            Beau Schmidt, 1st Place
                                                                        Logan Roush, 2nd Place
                                                                        Zach Jackson, 3rd Place
Plants                                                              Dylan Krieg, 1st Place
Microbiology                                                   Peighton Ruzicka, 1st Place
                                                                        Paige Bayerl, 2nd Place
                                                                        Jason Zimprich, 3rd Place

Winsted Public Library Silent Auction Benefits LP Media Center
Recently Winsted Public Library held their annual silent auction.  Students in grades K-5 donated goods for baskets to help raise money in the silent auction.  The event was coordinated by the LP Parents for Education and Winsted Libary personnel.  A check in the amount of $400 was donated back to LP media center and the funds will go toward the purchase of the 2015-16 Maud Hart Lovelace & Star of the North Nominated Books for the media center.  

Pictures is Kim Hausladen (Winsted Library), Amy Meyer (LP Parents for Education and Media Center) and Jeremy Schmidt (LP K-12 Principal).

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mrs. Bayerl 2nd Grade Class Daily Winner for Sumdog's Contest

We're now 5 days into Sumdog's Southwest/West Central Math Contest - still 3 to go! Here's what's happened so far...
students played
questions answered
correct answers
The daily winners are the classes which scored highest on each day of the contest. Here are the daily winners so far:
Mr. Wollum's Canby
Canby Elementary
Mrs. Bayerl
Lester Prairie
If your class hasn't been a daily winner yet, there's still time. Classes that have already been daily winners can't win again, and there are still 3 certificates available.
You'll find full leaderboards on the Sumdog website. Best of luck with the rest of the contest!

Friday, February 6, 2015