Monday, March 31, 2014

7th Grade prepares for Reading Test

     In anticipation of the MCA Reading test in April, Ms. Olson’s 7th grade English/LA class has been reading the newspaper during class time. Students were taught the format of the Star Tribune, (National News, Local News, Arts and Entertainment, Sports, and Business sections) and were given the choice of reading four articles from any section. The main criteria was the articles had to be factual news stories and not editorials. Students then filled out a “News Article Review” for each article. Students had to describe, in complete sentences, the “who, what, when, and where” of each article. Finally they had to summarize the entire article in a few complete sentences.
     This type of nonfiction reading and describing helps students prepare for MCA testing because many of the stories on the test are nonfiction, and many of the questions seek this kind of information. Students in Ms. Olson’s 7th grade English/LA class seemed to enjoy the break from grammar and the literature book (mainly fictional stories). They hammed it up a bit for the camera, but overall they took the assignment very seriously. Comments from students included, “I feel like a grown-up,” and “I look like my dad reading the newspaper.”
     The MCA Reading test for 7th and 8th graders is scheduled for April 10th and 11th. Any nonfiction reading and discussions at home will also help prepare your child for these tests. Magazines and newspapers are great ways to build these lifelong reading skills. Students will continue to build on these skills in class as we continue to read newspapers as well as other nonfiction material. Remember to ask your child, “What are you reading today?” and then enjoy the discussion that follows.

Submitted by Julie Olson

Lester Prairie Parnets for Educaitonal Spring Carnival

The LP Parents for Education Spring Carnival had the Spring Carnival on Thursday, March 27th. It was a successful evening full of fun and games.   

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The preschool and elementary students have proven that they are Super-Star Readers!  They were challenged to read at least 100,000 minutes during the Reach for the Stars Reading fundraiser and for meeting that challenge, all the students had the opportunity to duct-tape Principal Schmidt to a wall.  In the class competition, the Afternoon Preschool received the trophy for raising the most money and Mrs. Bayerl's 2nd Grade Class receives an ice cream party for reading the most minutes.  The fundraiser, sponsored by the LPParents for Education, raised money for new library books and new books for students to enjoy at home.

Monday, March 17, 2014


On Monday afternoon, March 10th, the 5th grade celebrated DARE Graduation.  Along with parents, teachers, and students, Chief Carlson and the two DARE role models, Nick Machemehl and Nicole Trettin, were on hand to congratulate the graduates.  Anna Litzau and Camille Bondhus read their DARE Essays explaining what they learned in DARE and what the program means to them now and for the future. Each graduate received a certificate acknowledging their completion of the class.  Following the short program, the group continued celebrating in the cafeteria with cupcakes and juice.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

4th Grade Performs Play

The fourth graders performed their play, 1607: Disappearance at Jamestown, on Tuesday, March 11th.  The students put in a lot of hard work and definitely know how to put on a great show! Thank you to the Prairie Arts Council and Sonja Johnson for directing the play. Also, thank you to Maddie Widmer and Chelsea Forcier for helping with choreography.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

HLWW & LP ECFE Families Enjoy Field Trip

Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and Lester Prairie (ECFE) took a combination field trip to Edinborough Park in Edina on February 19, 2014. This was a chance for families to get out of the house and play in the indoor playground and gym area. Edinborough is a huge indoor playground that includes slides, tunnels, climbing walls and has a giant gym with scooters, basket balls, and bouncy house.
The combination field trip was an opportunity for families in both districts to take a trip at a low cost and to have fun. Our next combination field trip is to Sea Life at Mall of America. We will be going on Tuesday, April 1 from 8am – 3:30pm. The fee is $12 per person and children two and under are free. To register please contact Stacy at 320-543-3600 if you are in the HLWW district and Helen at 320-395-3223 the Lester Prairie district. Registration must be received by Monday, March 17. This is open to families and all Child Care providers.