Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Lester Prairie Little Learners Preschool took a field trip to Pinwheel Play the last week of March! Pinwheel Play is located in Chanhassen and opened in August of 2016 so it was a fun new place for the preschoolers to visit. There were plenty of fun costumes for the children to dress up in and a small stage if they wanted to perform and show off their skills. A separate room was devoted to art with supplies including sequins, dobbers, glue sticks, paper and scissors so that the children had lots of options when making a project. The preschoolers loved getting creative in the art room!

For those children who had some extra energy to burn, they could go in the large motor “sport court” area where there was a soccer net, hoola hoops, hopscotch mat, and balls. They could also head over to a room where they could walk on the zig-zag, straight, and curvy tape lines on the floor or play with legos and other games with smaller pieces. There was also a climber with slides, telescopes, a steering wheel and an open area underneath for the children to play in. Around the main room students could be found playing with puzzles and wooden blocks, reading, or walking on the balance beam and shaky bridge. Many of the children chose to play in the mini kitchen area that was equipped with shopping carts, play food, dishes, and a doll house.  They loved playing grocery store with the shopping carts. The final room the student could play in was an interactive game area with multiple games the children could play on the floor. A projector would shine the gam down on the floor so that the children would play using their bodies. There was also a really neat light table in the room. Highlights for the students included looking for letters hidden around the play areas, finding the fairy doors, and spending time with their friends and parents/grandparents, and taking a bus ride. 

Mrs. Lester - Preschool Teacher

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