Monday, April 28, 2014

Lester Prairie REACH Program Wins Star of Innovation Award

The Lester Prairie Reach Program has won a Silver Star award for their recent submission to the Horace Mann Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) Star of Innovation Award.  Four high schools in the state won recognition as Gold Star award winners.  Principal Jeremy Schmidt submitted the nomination which was chosen as one of the top eleven by a panel of eight principals and assistant principals from around the state.  First year teacher, Blaine Walstrom heads the REACH program with approximately 24 students receiving support and guidance.  The program responsibilities include the ability to build relationships with students, families, and staff members to improve the quality of education for students.  The REACH teacher is also responsible for meeting the needs of multiple grade levels of students.  Provide motivational leadership consistent with Lester Prairie Public Schools mission, vision, goals, and objectives.  The REACH teacher is also responsible to meet with district administration, dean of students, counselor, and staff members within the school day.  Students within the program have been recognized for increasing attendance, limiting behavior reports, and obtaining more passing grades within this first year.  The program was developed with support from the Lester Prairie staff, administration, and school board, as well as in conjunction with Chad Harlander from Hutchinson Public Schools, who supports a similar program.  If you would like to learn more about the REACH program, please contact Blaine Walstrom at the school at 320-395-2521.  More information can also be found at the Hutchinson REACH website, .

2013-14 Star of Innovation Award
Sponsored by Horace Mann

MASSP is proud to partner with Horace Mann for the 2013-14 Star of Innovation Award.  Horace Mann has been a sponsor of the Star of Innovation Award since 2009.  This award is designed to recognize MASSP member schools statewide for the development and support of an exemplary and innovative education program in their school.   There are three winner categories: Gold – Silver – Bronze

Gold Star Winners
Marshall High School
, Brian Jones, Principal
Career Internship

Northfield Middle School, Jeff Pesta, Principal
9th Grade Student Led Transition Conferences

Princeton High School, Barb Muckenhirn, Principal
PASS Program Biggest Learner

Rogers Middle School, Jason Paurus, Principal
RMS Enrichment/Intervention Schedule

Gold Star award winners receive:
·  A $250 award to be used at the principal’s discretion
·  Recognized at MASSP Summer Conference.
·  Program highlighted in an upcoming MASSP Newsletter
·  MASSP representative to appear at either a school gathering or a school board meeting to honor their accomplishment.

Silver Star Winners
Becker High School, Sandy Logrono, Principal
Student Technology Advisory Council (STAC)

Duluth East High School, Laurie Knapp, Principal
Prescription for Success

John F. Kennedy High School, Andy Beaton, Principal
Blue/Gold Support Teams

Lake Park Audubon Secondary School, Kevin Ricke, Principal
School-Wide Building Orientation

Lester Prairie High School, Jeremy Schmidt, Principal

Roosevelt Middle School, Greg Blodgett, Principal
Social Media Lessons

Russell-Tyler-Ruthton High School, Justin Hinks, Principal
Community Learning

Bronze Star Winners
Janesville-Waldorf Pemberton, Kevin Babcock, Principal
 Flipped Classroom

Lake Park Audubon Secondary School, Kevin Ricke, Principal
Bell Tone Schedule

Lake Park Audubon Secondary School, Kevin Ricke, Principal
Rotating Classes

Lake Park Audubon Secondary School, Kevin Ricke, Principal
Scholastic Eligibility

Wellstone International High School, Aimee Fearing, Principal
Blended Learning in Mathematics

MASSP would like to thank the following members for the time and effort they put in to reading and rating the applications:
1.     Darren Nelson, Assistant Principal, Waseca High School
2.     Linda Groebner, Associate Principal, Jackson Middle School
3.     Mike McCollor, Principal, Washington Technology Secondary
4.     Charlie Eisenreich, Principal, Apollo High School
5.     Joe Nicklay, Principal, William M. Kelley High School
6.     Wade Johnson, Principal, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo High School
7.     Dawn Brown, Principal, Cleveland High School
8.     Matt Aker, Principal, Discovery Middle School

MASSP would like to thank all of those principals and their faculty who were involved in submitting applications.  Great job!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Kindergarten students participated in come and play day today.  Parents and family members of students spent the morning in the classrooms playing various educational games and learning some of the topics the Kindergarten students have been working on.  The students in Mrs. Smith's classroom were also able to spend some time with parent Mike Lee and his parachute in the cafeteria playing some games and making a giant tent.  Check out some of the photos!

Seniors on Class Trip

Seniors toured Times Square on Tuesday during their trip to New York City.  Here are some photos taken by Mr. Scoblic.  Stay tuned for more information as we continue to update through the blog and twitter.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

6th - 12th Graders Perform at Band Concert

The 6th - 12th Grade Band members performed a spectacular concert on March 18th.

Choir Performs at Concert

The 6th - 12th Graders performed in a Choir concert on April 1st.

Superintendent McNulty visits Minnesota legislature

Superintendent McNulty visits Minnesota legislature.  LP student Rebecca Roush also represented Lester Prairie through the MN PAGE program.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Backstrom Family Speaks to LPHT Students

On Thursday, April 10, 2014 Connie and Nathan Backstrom share their tragic story of how they lost three of their children to someone else's poor decisions.  Students in grades 6-12 were attentive as Connie and Nathan shared the story of the October 10, 2004 tragedy.  The message was pretty clear:  We all have choices and within those choices we have consequences, while we cannot control other peoples actions, we can control what we do and how we act!  For more information on the Backstroms story, check out their website at  
Below are some photos from the lyceum.