Friday, December 20, 2013


Kindergarten parents or parents substitutes were invited to class on Thursday December 19 to share games pertaining to the reading, writing, and math skills the children have been learning. The children were very proud to share their knowledge and to share this special time with people who love and support them in all that they do.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


To visit the ruins of Persepolis, an ancient ceremonial capital of Persia, you would have to travel to what present-day country?  Students were quizzed with similar questions as Lester Prairie School District held its annual Geography Bee for students in grades 4-8.  The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography.  Students in grades 4-8 are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge.  The list of participants included:  Delaney Sebora, Blake
Krienke – 4th Grade, Anna Litzau, Taylor Ebert – 5th Grade, Emily Rademacher, Logan Krone – 6th Grade, Tyler Scheevel, Erik Hentges – 7th Grade, Andrew Jackson and Wyatt Teubert – 8th Grade. The winning Geography Bee Champion was Erik Hentges from grade 7, while putting in a tough battle and finishing as the runner-up was Delaney Sebora in grade 4.  As the champion, Erik will take a written test in January that will be submitted to National Geographic, who sponsors and runs the Geography Bee.  Acting as judges, reader, and coordinator for the event were Jocelynn Buckentin (high school social studies teacher), Jeremy Schmidt (K-12 principal), Dave Klitzke (Coordinator), Cathy Houg (5th grade teacher).  The second round of the bee will be at St. Cloud State University on April 4th, 2014.  Good luck to Erik as he proceeds in the contest.  By the way, the correct answer to the question posted earlier is: Persia is the former name of Iran, therefore the correct answer is Iran.

Friday, December 13, 2013

National Honor Society Meets their goal for Toys for Mary's Place!

National Honor Society has EXCEED their goal for Toys for Mary's Place! They have collected over 280 toys for Sharing and Caring Hands! That is outstanding. Thank you students, staff and the Lester Prairie Community for your overwhelming kindness and generosity. It is so appreciated!-Mrs. Mattson, NHS Advisor.

First Grade Listen to Story Teller

Lester Prairie 1st grade students had a wonderful treat today.  They were able to listen to the story telling antics of Mr. Bob Gasch.  Storyteller Bob has a wonderful array of stories to enlighten any crowd.  Today, he told stories of life on the farm and getting ready for the holidays with mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa.  The students were able to interact with the stories and certainly were all ears and eyes on Storyteller Bob.  Storyteller Bob has been all over the state and country telling stories to children and adults alike.  Look for more from Storyteller Bob in the spring.


LP secondary students were treated to cinnamon rolls for their efforts toward achieving a 3.0 or higher GPA.  The event is sponsored by the Youth Task Force and helping to distribute were Mr. McNulty, Mrs. Mattson, and Youth Task Force members Tiffany Starke and Rachel Stender.  Congratulations to all the honor roll students!

Students are:

Lester Prairie High School
A Honor Roll

 1st  Quarter - A Honor Roll

Grade 6 – A Honor Roll
Ashley Forcier
Myranda Hentges
Logan Krone
Evan Lee
Liam Meyer
Grace Miller
Jerry Perales
Emily Rademacher

Grade 7 – A Honor Roll
Grace Jeurissen
Sophie Klitzke
Kyle Norman
Tyler Scheevel
Michael Ziermann

Grade 8 – A Honor Roll
Renee Ahlbrecht
Hunter Baker
Leighton Buhr
Chase Engelke
Drew Jackson
Elizabeth Krienke
Zeke Newstrom
Arlene Nowak
Maggie Piehl
Emily Schultz
Tallon Schwantes
Callie Sebora
Rileigh Shackelton
Max Vergin
Kayla Weinzierl

Grade 9 – A Honor Roll
Jamie DeBruyckere
Hope Feltmann
Blair Jilek
Steph Lohse
Jack Millerbernd
Grade 10 – A Honor Roll
Taylor Kriz
Karlea Kyllo
Katie McBee
Nate Newstrom
Meagan Peterson
Abbi Schultz
Kendra Ziermann
Grade 11 – A Honor Roll
Deborah Johnson
Caleb Sebora
Taylor VanSloun
Melissa Will

Grade 12 – A Honor Roll
Jack Fiecke
Alex Heigl
Genna Jeurissen
Hannah Litzau
Nick Machemehl
Emily Schnaser
Jesse Walter
Taylor Ziermann

Lester Prairie High School
B Honor Roll

Grade 6 – B Honor Roll
Taylor Bayerl
Megan Dennis
Kayla Lorentz
Jessica Medina
Cole Tonn
Jack Widmer
Grade 7 – B Honor Roll
Parker Bayerl
Ruby Lezama
Rodrigo Medina
Dylan Ruzicka
Lauren Trittabaugh

Grade 8 – B Honor Roll
Emilie Berry
Emma Blashack
Hunter Lemke
Wyatt Teubert

Grade 9 – B Honor Roll
Jose Amaya
Trey Fiecke
Ben Hehr
Adam Heigl
Cara Manard
Madi Radtke
Kaylee Scheevel
Brandon Schmidt
Taylor Trettin

Grade 10 – B Honor Roll
Travis Bayerl
Bethany Bettcher
Andrew Gebhardt
Harley Hentges
Karissa Leach
Trenton Schmidt
Amber Schroeder

 Grade 11 – B Honor Roll
Michael Ahlbrecht
Jazz Baird
Ashley Baumann
Maggie Bjork
Jonathon Carnicom
Lizzy Dennis
Brittney Duffy
Chelsea Forcier
Ellen Hentges
Frankie Lopez
Peter Mengkhampeng
Max Millerbernd
Angelica Montano
Jacob Roth
Mitchell Roth
Becca Roush
Bobbi Royal
Alex Smothers
Rachel Stender
Jared Stibal
Hayden Theis
Conner Thiry
Nicole Trettin
Josh Volness

Grade 12 – B Honor Roll
Brandon Duffy
Kiersten Hinze
Tyler Hoese
Blake Klaustermeier
Dani Lohse
Alexis Medina
Dylan Opheim
Spencer Radtke
Kaylan Roush
Trace Ruzicka
Courtney Scoblic
Tiffany Stark
Maddy Widmer
John Williams



Last night the Lester Prairie Elementary School participated in their holiday concert.  The concert went off very well with a surprise visit from Santa.  Mr. Rue and Mrs. Helland put on a wonderful show and the audience was very in tune to the entire show.  With a record turnout for attendance, more and more chairs were being put down and many were asked to stand to view the show.  Some pictures from the concert are below.  Way to go to all of our talented singers and musicians!  Awesome job by the soloists, and thank you to those who brought your guitars and shared your musical abilities with the rest of us.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


On Wednesday, December 11th, Lester Prairie students in grades 5-8 participated in the school district spelling bee competition.  The eight finalists included two students from each grade.  The finalists were: Front Row:  Zach Jackson, Sophie Klitzke, Alexis Langenfeld, Joseph Blevins  Back Row:  Coach David Klitzke, Logan Krone, Michael Ziermann, Elizabeth Krienke, Drew Jackson.

  Students who were finalists, first participated in the two practice rounds, then on to the actual spelling bee.  The bee took a total of seven rounds and spellers were doing a wonderful job.  Coming through in the end was Logan Krone who outlasted Michael Ziermann to win the bee.  Logan will be participating in the Scripp's Regional Spelling Bee in Redwood Falls on February 11th, 2014.  Logan also did not spell a word incorrectly during the entire district bee contest.  Mr. Dave Klitzke, Ms. Houg, and Ms. Wojciechowski, and Mr. Schmidt participated as judges, moderators, readers, and coordinators of the event.  Photos were taken by Mrs. DeBruyckere.  Great job to the students and staff for a wonderful event.  Stay tuned for next weeks Geography Bee Final.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Children See Children Do Video

Have you ever taken the time to think about who is watching you, who is learning from you.  The staff members at Lester Prairie have thought about this situation, I have seen firsthand how the reflection of our actions impacts students and their learning.  We are a PBIS and Olweus anti-bullying School, we have set standards for our students to follow and just has we have set these expectations, we need to make sure we too as the leaders of our children are prepared to make the right choices when it comes to character, self-discipline, and other pillars of successful people.
Just the other day, I bent over to pick up some garbage left in the hallway after the barrage of students had ventured into their classrooms for the beginning of the next class, as I bent over I looked over at the open door of students and noticed a few of them watching me.  I continued to throw the garbage away and thought nothing of it.  Later on that very same day, I witnessed one of those very same students picking up some trash in the hallway and throwing it away.  I don't know if it was something they regularly would do, I would like to think it was, but part of me felt good inside that showed them learning from watching someone else doing the right thing.
This past week we also did our PBIS monthly Bulldog Bark drawing winners.  The winners from this all did something to help their fellow students out.  A couple of them were for holding the door open for another student or staff member, some were for carrying books or sharing notes with a student who was absent.  It is these things that really provide a smile and a great feeling when I see the students doing little things to do what is right.  I would guess that for every good deed in our school that is recognized there are probably 10x this actually taking place.  What a wonderful thing to be a part of.  I have seen other children in public who don't notice the person coming in the door behind them and not holding it open, and I hope that someday they are able to learn from someone who does hold the door for them and they are able to return the favor at some point.
I would like to share a video to conclude this post.  The video is a part of the Child Friendly Australia Campaign and does an excellent job at showing just what children see and do, this is how they learn.  Please take some time to think about this the next time you are in front of a child or adult and have the option to make a difference in someones life in a small or large way.  Here is the link:  Children See Children Do

Free Lunch and Learn

Students attended free lunch today at St. Paul's Church in Lester Prairie.  We have had a wonderful turnout throughout the last couple of years and the students have had a chance to meet some wonderful adults in the community who they can go to for support.  The Lester Prairie Youth Task Force and the local churches and organizations help to support free lunch.  It provides a time for students to learn some life lessons and participate in an activity out of school during their lunch period.  If you would like to help continue to provide this opportunity, I encourage you to talk to a Task Force Member.  The members include local business owners, church leaders, school personnel, and most importantly students.