Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unified Bowling

The Lester Prairie Unified Sports team had a great time at their Unified Bowling Invitational on Wednesday, October 28th.  The team met at school before taking a bus to Brooklyn Park.  We were surprised that the bowling ally had 48 lanes!  The team met students from other teams like: Waconia, Columbia Heights, Watertown-Mayer, South St. Paul, etc.  
We each got to bowl one game after practicing for 10 minutes.  We had a lot of great moments.  When we were finished we got to enjoy a pizza lunch while we received our awards.  The team was given a plaque.  Individuals were given certificates. 

When practicing we used bumpers to help us learn the game.  Several students were disappointed to find out that at our competition we were not going to be allowed to use bumpers, although, we all did phenomenal.  Every score was over 20 with an average of 56.
While having lunch we also listened to a campaign to end the R word.  For more information visit:
And of course we ended with a few fun moments in the photo booth: