Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kindergarten Children Take a Close Look at Science

How can we use and change paper? Lester Prairie kindergarten students recently explored ways to use and change paper as they began the science study “Exploring Matter”.  As typical five and six year olds, they thrive on opportunities to be actively involved and to investigate, experiment, discuss, share, and draw conclusions about the world they live in. It was through this type of exploration they learned that by cutting, folding, tearing, and bending paper, they could make items such as paper boats, airplanes, chains, bridges, and collages. They predicted how many plastic, counting bears a paper boat would hold before sinking and they measured and compared the distance their planes flew. Through their observations the children learned what kinds of paper can and cannot easily absorb water and also that different papers have different strengths that can be affected by folding.

A final investigation included making recycled paper. The boys and girls tore newspaper and construction paper into tiny pieces, added water, and put it all in a blender. After it became pulp in the blender the children used metal screens to squeeze out the excess water. The material dried and formed recycled paper.

The children are looking forward to asking and answering questions about how to change metal, wood, and water as they continue to explore matter.

Picture 1: Will it sink? Arlet Garza, Alexes Juarez, and Roman Tervo predict that it will sink soon!

Picture 2: What kind of paper absorbs water? Cade Heimerl and Keaton Mathews are eager to share the results of their experiment.

Picture 3: Recycling Paper Step 1- First Eli Mullin, Keaton Mathews, and Cooper Mattson helped to tear newspaper into tiny pieces.

Picture 4: Recycling Paper Step 2 – Next Eathan-Ryan Simerll, Arlet Garza, Eli Mullin, and Alex Overbye, examined the pulp after the paper had been mixed with water in the blender.

Picture 5: We made paper! Arlet Garza, Alex Overbye, Mariana Ixtlilco, and Daniela Lopez are proud and amazed by the finished paper products.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Help LESTER PRAIRIE SCHOOL this holiday season by shopping at PRAIRIE MARKET, saving your receipt and donating them to our school!  You can just send then to school with your child!

For each receipt. Our school will earn points toward FREE educational equipment and supplies – all donated by PRAIRIE MARKET.

Thank you in advance.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Girl Scouts from Troop 34039, from the Hutchinson Service Unit, participated in making a cabinet for the Lester Prairie Schools.  Lester Prairie was in need of a place to store hygiene supplies that were donated to them by Common Cup.  These group of girls decided that it would be a great project for them to make and donate a cabinet to the school.  The girls made this project as a part of their Bronze and Silver awards.  There were ten girls involved into making this project happen.  These girls are Caitlyn Moore of Lester Prairie, Jazmine Hankins and Kanessa Mikolichek of Silver Lake, Tiffany Adickes, Alecia Meier, Maggie Pohlman, Grace Ebert, Hosanna Nix, Caitlin Hartsuiker, and Cassandra Nelson-Adickes all of Hutchinson.  Tony and Harvey Mikolichek, along with Roger and Deann Hartsuiker, assisted them in this project.

The cabinet is located in Mrs. Scoblic’s room, on the high school side of the building.  Items that are available to students are:  shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, feminine hygiene supplies, lip balm, lotion, bar soap, body wash, etc.  Students can access the items during the school day; just contact Mrs. Scoblic and pick up needed items.  If families are in need of supplies, email Mrs. Scoblic through the Lester Prairie School website.  Supplies can be gathered and sent home with your child.  *If anyone would like to donate to this supply, they are welcome to do so.  


The Lester Prairie Band Program donned costumes for their “No Tricks, Just Treats” concert on Monday, November 2nd. Junior and senior bands performed along with the jazz band, drumline and a sax quartet. Songs included were “Hawaii Five-O”, “Tunes that Go Bump in the Night” and “Night in Bald Mountain” among others. The grandchildren of Roger Feltmann also presented a donation to the band in his memory towards a new bass clarinet.

 Senior Band performing “Night on Bald Mountain” Pictured are Joanna Perales, Karissa Leach, Courtney Bohnen, Tallon Schwantes and Rodrigo Medina

 Grandchildren of Roger Feltmann presenting their donation towards a bass clarinet. Pictured are Marcus Feltmann, Brooke Albers, Morgan Feltmann, Michael Albers, Adam Feltmann and Hope Feltmann.

 Jazz Band performing “Hawaii Five-O”. Pictured are Jamie DeBruyckere, Myranda Hentges, Evan Lee and Kayla Weinzierl. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LP/HT Drama Department’s Alice in Zombieland a Huge Success

The Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity Drama Department performed Alice in Zombieland, by Craig Sodaro and directed by Julie Olson, in front of large audiences during both of the evening performances. Performance dates were November 13thand 14th at the Lester Prairie School. Alice in Zombieland is a comedy that combines Alice in Wonderland with the Wizard of Oz and a few Zombies thrown in for good measure. The Drama Department received a generous grant from the Lester Prairie Booster Club to purchase authentic Alice in Wonderland costumes for many of the cast members. The costumes really helped the students take on the character of each part. They enjoyed dressing the part and the authentic costumes made it easier for them to connect with their character. The students gave an outstanding performance both nights.

A brief synopsis of the play: Alice, now a teen, has never forgotten her adventures n Wonderland when she was a youngster. Her best friend Dinah has always told her it was just a dream. But when the White Rabbit appears with his beckoning “we’re late,” they’re off to Wonderland together! Dinah has no choice but to believe Alice. They arrive just in time for tea with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Door Mouse. But something is ominously different – the tea is served by zombies! Everyone in Wonderland, including the Queen, is turning into a zombie. As they investigate, Alice and Dinah discover Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West casting her spells on everyone. Not only does she have zombies doing her work, Dorothy is under her spell as an intern. The witch is turning Wonderland into a Spells-R-Us shop with zombies as her workers.

This play was produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.

Alice in Zombieland cast:

Alice …. Grace Jeurissen
Dinah … Mikayla Cohrs
White Rabbit … Cameron Bolf
Mad Hatter …. Logan Groff
March Hare … Andrew Jackson
Dormouse …. Alexis Kubista
Zombie One … Marissa Theis
Zombie Two …. Taylor Bayerl
Duchess … Harley Hentges
Cook … Myranda Hentges
Tweedledee … Ben Hagman-Hecksel
Tweedledum … Sydney Sheehan
Mock Turtle … Cody Roush
Chesire Cat … Paige Heirmerl
Guard One … Matthew Schmidt
Guard Two … Paige Bayerl
Queen … Gerri Williamson
Witch … Jamie DeBruyckere
Dorothy … Delaney Sebora
Customer One …. Arlene Nowak
Customer Two … Olivia Sanders
Customer Three … Olivia Sanders

            Hannah Hollister, Shannon Wiederholt, Andrew Aguilar

Picture 1 - Entire cast and crew of "Alice in Zombieland"

Picture 2 - L to R: Myranda Hentges as the cook, Harley Hentges as the Duchess, Andrew Jackson as the March Hare, Logan Groff as the Mad Hatter, Mikayla Cohrs as Dinah, Grace Jeurissen as Alice.

Picture 3 - L to R: Andrew Jackson as the March Hare (in the background), Logan Groff as the Mad Hatter, Cameron Bolf as the White Rabbit, Grace Jeurissen as Alice.

Picture 4 - L to R: Shannon Wiederholt as a zombie, Marissa Theis as a zombie, Gerri Williamson as the Red Queen, Delaney Sebora as Dorothy, Jamie DeBruyckere as the Wicked Witch, Olivia Sanders as a customer, Arlene Nowak as a customer, Paige Heirmerl as Chesire Cat, Myranda Hentges as the Cook.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Art Adventures at Lester Prairie Elementary School

November is Art Adventures month at Lester Prairie Elementary School.  Students of all grade levels are treated to a special art experience thanks to the Lester Prairie Arts Council.  Members of the council come into individual classrooms once a week with copies of artwork from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  The children explore the pieces and are taught where they came from and the significance of them.  They then create their own artwork that is in someway connected to one of the pieces they studied. At the end of their elementary career, students travel to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see the actual pieces they have studied over the years.  

Picture Caption:  April Lee instructs Mrs. Roth’s second graders on the piece “Dress,” a Lakota beaded animal-hide dress circa 1880-1900.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


      This quarter LP students participated in a variety of activities. They included volleyball, soccer, frisbee, ultimate football, and recreational games. The students also were tested on muscular strength, muscular endurance, agility, heart/lung endurance and flexibility through the presidential physical fitness challenge. Most students did quite well. We need to work on flexibility and endurance as a group.
     Parents, please encourage your children to limit the time they are on xbox, Ipad, computer, and television. Increase activity that will enhance their fitness level. Together we can build a more fit community!
      Upcoming we will participate in the Lynx Get Fit program. It is designed to get youth and adults active. Please consider doing this program with you children.

Lester Prairie PE department
Bill Neubarth