Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lester Prairie Second Graders Learn About Plants

Second graders at Lester Prairie Elementary School participated in all kinds of activities that taught them about plants. They read the books The Tiny Seed and Ugly Vegetables in reading class, which taught them the conditions that must be met for a plant to grow as well as how tasty a garden can be.  In science class, they planted and observed the growth of marigolds and beans, making sure the plants got enough sunlight and water to grow.  Writing activities included making a circle book showing the life cycle of a bean plant.  When folded properly the pages turned over and over making it a never-ending book—just like the life cycle.  When opened up, the book formed a big circle. They also made a diagram book that described the job of each part of the plant. To top it all off, the second graders had a visit from members of Holasek’s Flower Power Greenhouse, who taught them all about plants and sent a plant home with each of them.  All of these activities were part of the Minnesota second grade standards for science education.

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